Sometimes dreams come true, but only because we fight for them.

Today Angelo Cabrera has graduated from a Master in Public Administration focus on Nonprofit management.

– So now, what’s your next dream Angelo?

-I hope to see my mother in Mexico after 23 years. I dedicated my Masters Degree to my parents, My mother who has been waiting patiently for 23 years, dedicated to my community, and I hope to motivate many other students in our Immigrant community that we can reach our dreams.


“Destiny is choice that requires hard work and commitment to reach our dreams, with every decision choice, we are writing the truth-path of our destiny. It is our choice to follow our DREAMS.  It’s our hard work and commitment to our academic learning that provides us with the opportunity to explore new world in which we have never imaging to be, a world that expands our expectation to improving the academic life of one child at a time. It is in this precise moment that each one of us realized the a child’s dream represents the academic growth of our community, a growth in which each one of MASA’s volunteers, staff parents and students are contributing to change the future of our community”. Angelo Cabrera

He founded the organization MASA as part of a 2001 campaign focused on attaining the right for undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition at CUNY and SUNY schools.

Angelo immigrated to the United States when he was 14 years of age. During his journey, he became homeless and later found a job where he was forced to work more than 12 hour in many cases without water or food. With the support of a great Samaritan who gave him a gift of $280 to get his GED equivalency, Angelo was able to reach his dream to graduate from Baruch College with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Angelo has devoted his entire life in New York to help hundreds of students in the Mexican community and Latino community to promote college education.

For his selfless work and dedication to improving the lives of recent immigrants in New York City, Angelo Cabrera has received various awards by local, state and Mexican government institutions. Recently, Angelo was awarded by the Rising Star Award from the American Dreamer’s Award from the Mayor of New York. He has also received several Fellowships to implement programs in the Mexican community such Harvard University, CORO New York through Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and a winner of an international competition for social change projects from Initiativa Mexico (Mexican Initiatives) to support Mexican living abroad with his Mentoring Educational program in the South Bronx.

He expects from the students he helps today to continue the same philanthropy of Pay-it-Forward and help other students to go to college.

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